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Park CIty, UT
2018 Best Auto Repair in Park City, UT
2019 Best Auto Repair in Park City, UT
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Fleet Automotive Services for Businesses

Are you a local business with a fleet of vehicles operating in the Park City area?

If you're a business owner with a fleet of vehicles, it's important to have a trusted automotive service provider who can take care of all your needs. That's where Cox Tire & Auto comes in - we offer comprehensive fleet accounts that make it easy and convenient for you to get the services your vehicles need. 


Opening a fleet account saves your business money on maintenance and repair services that keep your vehicles dependable. At Cox Tire & Auto Service we work with your business to provide the fleet service you need to get the longest life and best performance out of your fleet.  You can rely on our team of experts for all your vehicle maintenance needs. We provide quick, professional service that gets you back to work as soon possible!

Fleet Service Solutions with the Most Dependable Repair Services Available

Open a Fleet Account and Enjoy Great Benefits!

  • Customer Satisfaction - Properly maintained fleets reduce the likelihood of downtime

  • Driver Retention - Provide employees with vehicles they feel safe driving

  • Business Reputation - Meet customer expectations for on-time arrival

  • Cost Reduction - Save money on fleet service that prevents and addresses problems


Fleet accounts benefit plumbers, independent contractors, moving truck providers, catering companies, and any business that relies on a small or large fleet to provide service.

When your fleet vehicles are due for maintenance or repair, our technicians will be ready to handle it - Open a Fleet Account Today!

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