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Park CIty, UT
2018 Best Auto Repair in Park City, UT
2019 Best Auto Repair in Park City, UT
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2021 Best Auto Repair in Park City, UT
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We are extremely proud of our team of hard working employees and are thrilled by the awesome reviews and customer comments we receive on a daily basis. Here are just a few recently posted online…


"Whether you need work done on your vehicle or just a new set of tires, you owe it to yourself and your car to go see Kyle and his team of professionals at Cox. My experience buying new wheels and tires was outstanding, and their prices were very competitive. But where Cox really won me over was in their handling of my dad's several classic cars that needed service. Not only was the work done quickly and properly, the vehicles were treated with the utmost care and were returned in perfect condition. As long as Cox is in business, there isn't another shop in Park City that will get our business."

- Sean D.


"Cox was amazing! They got brand new tires on in less than an hour. I will never go anywhere else for tires from here on out! I highly recommend them to anyone looking for great tires and fast service."

- Shantel S.


"An amazing locally own Park City Business! They have done amazing work on my personal cars and my clients cars. Totally trust them with my truck and Porsche. They even helped me mount go kart tires, which was awesome."

-Clayton S.


"Cox Auto is what this town has needed. I don’t write reviews often but they deserve 5stars for their honesty. A local dealership quoted me thousands for something that Cox found out wasn’t the problem and they fixed it for hundreds. Customer for life right here."

-Tony H.


"Kyle, Jenna and Cox team are lifesavers! My teenagers were on a roadtrip from SF to Boulder in a new (old) diesel pickup we bought just two days before and didn't get time to truly roadtest it. They thought they blew a turbo on the grade out of Salt Lake City and were dead on the road on a Saturday morning!

We called like 30 shops, and luckily for us, we found Cox. Kyle and Jenna are awesome. Took us on a rush job, and found out we just blew a hose clamp and fixed the kids up and got them right back on the road in the same day! Awesome.

We love Cox Automotive!"

- Sam W.


"Great service!  I went in for an oil change and didn't have an appointment but they got me in and out very quickly.  Also, I got a quote for snow tires and their prices are the lowest I've found plus they have tire storage... will definitely be back once it starts snowing for the tire swap."

- Trent S.


"I had a great experience here. Apparently this is a family-owned place and it shows. They were very friendly and even allowed my dog to come inside while we waited. I have visited three separate tire stores in the past week and these guys were as great as the ones in larger cities. After a disappointing experience with another more well-known tire place in PC, it's reassuring to find another service option so close to home.

- JenVen T.


"Just want to say how personal the service is at Cox. Brad took a personal interest in my vehicle. I want to know who is working on my vehicle, not just the person greeting me at the desk. It's nice to have found such a place close to home. Thanks : ) UPDATE: Yet again the guys at Cox were right there to help me out with my Blazer. I thank you all, again!! See you soon for an oil change."

"Best place for automotive repair in Park City."

- Clare M.


"I must say that this place is a clean top of the line automotive shop. My wife and I brought our car in for a battery last year and everyone was very helpful. We were immediately greeted and in and out fast. We came in again for a service this month and it feels like they appreciate our business. Everyone you walk by says hi. It is a shop that my wife will actually go to we do not feel like anyone there will take advantage of her or us. We are happy to have a reliable and honest place to take our cars now."

- R Clive


"I would give Kyle and his team ten stars if I could! He's got a great clean showroom, an awesome staff and amazing customer service. We are spending the summer in Park City and my husbands car was showing low tire pressure. Kyle and his team took care of me quickly and professionally! I would go see them with any of my car needs. He's been a mechanic all of his life and is a veteran! Go support this amazing business! Congrats to he and his wife for creating such a great business."

- Pamela C.


"I was visiting Park City for a soccer tournament on a Saturday when my van went into limp mode. I called a few other places and most were closed or too busy but these guys were glad to look at my vehicle. In about 20 mins total they told me what they found to be the problem. They couldn’t get the part til Monday and so they wrote down the part number on a note for me to give to my mechanic in my hometown. They were kind, informative, and understanding. They suggested an oil change but weren’t pushy about it all and in the end they didn’t charge for the diagnostics. It was a great experience for an awful situation. Thanks Cox."

- Cord M.


"Park City has been in need of a better alternative to the existing shops for a long time. The folks at Cox have been really wonderful to deal with every time I've been in. Pricing is fair, with great customer service. I've purchased two sets of tires and wheels for both of our vehicles from them, and I'll gladly use these guys for any mechanic work I need as well! Happy customer..."

- Randy H.


"Driving a 20 yr old Subaru I've been afraid to bring my car into a shop for repairs. Is it worth it? Whats the value? How much will it cost me? But eventually it was time. Thankfully I met Brad. He brought my car in, diagnosed/repaired my over heating issues, ran a full battery of tests and gave me a complete run through and understanding of the condition of my car. He told me what was an urgent repair, where I could buy time, and what to expect in the future with NO PUSHY SALES TACTICS! More then thrilled with my service experience and will be back for all my future work!"

- Ken C.


"I don't normally write reviews, however the service here is so outstanding I thought it was appropriate to get my experiences out there. I am new to the area and saw their marketing push this spring and purchased tires. Easy quick and positive experience. Then my car started running very rough and warning lights came on. I was prepared for a huge bill and a major problem. I was completely venerable to a big charge, not knowing anything about modern car mechanics. Turns out the oil change place I used forgot to reinstall my air filter. Cox was honest, replaced filter, reset warning lights and test drove it. Total bill was limited to the cost of the air filter, 7 bucks. They did not even charge labor and when I offered & they refused to accept additional payment. They have a client for life."

- Charles W.


"This is how a shop is supposed to be! Not only did I experience outstanding service, but the timeliness and quality of work was top. Just walking in you know this place is run with pride and how an automotive shop should be."

- Jeff B.


"Seriously amazing service! They were booked solid and during our interstate travel they helped us out with a transmission issue. Seriously took care of us the kindest staff. If you’re in the area visit them before you go anywhere else!"

- Christopher C.


"I was traveling through on a trip from PA to CA. My engine light came on and I needed to get it checked out before continuing on my trip. I took my car to Cox Tire and Auto, they got my car in within minutes and read the code for the engine light. The mechanic diagnosed the issue as a possible faulty O2 sensor. The mechanic advised me that I should be okay to continue my trip with this issue and to have it looked at once I arrived it in California. I was very impressed with the honesty and service provided by this shop!!"

- Sean O.


"Very helpful, friendly, and fast service. I searched several shops in the area to get the best price- Cox is definitely the most affordable option! They also have one of the nicest waiting areas I've ever seen at an auto shop. Will definitely continue bringing my car here!"

- Kristen H.


"I would never go anywhere else for tire issues. This place is the real deal. They are gracious, helpful, trustworthy and friendly. The place is immaculate. Go there now."

- Lainai M.

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