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Park City Seasonal Tire & Wheel Storage

Keep your seasonal tires & wheels in top condition all year long!

Purchasing summer or winter tires is a smart decision, but what are you supposed to do when you are not using them? Cox Tire & Auto Service offers seasonal tire and wheel storage to customers in Park City, Kamas, Coalville, and surrounding areas. Why deal with the hassle of finding or making room to store your summer or winter tires? Let Cox Tire & Auto Service store your tires or wheels for you!

Safe & Secure Tire Storage

Spare space is hard to come by, especially when you are trying to store seasonal tires. At Cox Tire & Auto Service, we know the proper way to store them, and that doesn’t mean just leaving them in a corner somewhere. At our shop, we will ensure your seasonal tires are safely stored so they will be in the best condition possible when you need them again.


We make sure every tire is:

  • Stored in a clean, cool, dark space.

  • Placed away from weather or direct sunlight.

  • Kept on a surface that is free of grease, gasoline, or debris.


Our experts take special precautions to make sure each of your seasonal tires are secure while in our off-season tire storage facility.

Choose Our Proper Tire Storage Solution

Cox Tire & Auto Service is your total tire storage solution. When you’re ready to put new tires on your vehicle, leave the tire storage to us. Stop by today or call to learn more about our tire storage solutions.

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