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Winter Tire Installation & Removal Service

Winter Tires in Park City:  With cold weather comes unfavorable snowy and icy driving conditions. When you need your snow tires installed or removed, come to Cox Tire & Auto Service. We install and remove snow tires for customers in Park City.

Are Snow Tires Better Than All-Season Tires?

Snow tires have a special rubber compound that is specifically designed for cold temperatures. The rubber stays pliable in cold temperatures to give drivers better traction.

Winter tire tread consists of sipes or small cuts designed to flex and bite at snow-covered roads. These sipes help disperse snow, provide better acceleration, and reduce braking distance.

When the temperature drops near freezing, all-season tires lose traction, while the rubber tread on winter tires remains pliable and maintains its grip. This is why winter tires are necessary when winter weather hits.

Tips for Purchasing Winter Tires:

  • Snow tires should be installed in sets of 4 to give you better control of your vehicle.

  • Consider buying winter rims. They are better suited for handling abuse from winter conditions, like salt and grime.

  • To prevent tires from deteriorating, store them in a temperate environment.

  • Purchase and install your winter tires before snow falls to save time and hassle.

  • When choosing a set of winter tires, be sure to look for the snowflake logo. This logo, created by the Rubber Manufacturer’s Association, guarantees that the tires being purchased have met traction requirements and are recommended specifically for use in snow.

  • Stop asking yourself if snow tires are worth the investment. Snow tires can save you from both fender benders and major accidents. This investment promotes peace of mind, your family's safety in winter conditions, and will save you money in the long run.

When you are ready for your set of snow tires, come to Cox Tire & Auto Service!

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